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Cate Mercer

The Art of Healing was created in 2002 after identifying an opportunity to provide reliable information for people seeking alternative options to good healthcare.

"There will always be a portion of our society who seek different ways to live, and this is what I tapped into when I started the magazine," says Cate Mercer, founder of The Art of Healing.

"In the early 2000's when I started looking into 'natural healthcare,' I found it included approaches such as Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and modalities such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Iridology, Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy – to name a few."

As the magazine began to develop, it also reflected some of the more creative approaches to healing such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy – even Drama Therapy.

"In the early days, the aim was to describe to our readers how these modalities developed, what the underlying methodology was, and what they could expect from a practitioner if they went for a consultation."

As The Art of Healing brand began to grow it partnered with associations and organisations within the industry, attending annual conferences and inviting speakers and authors to contribute articles in their areas of expertise.

"Its growth has been very organic, and has essentially moved and shifted as consumers have sought more and more information in their quest to become more educated."

"It's interesting to look back from 2020, and see just how much people have changed,"says Cate. "There really has been a huge shift in consciousness."

After almost 20 years in the market The Art of Healing has a firm foothold in the natural healthcare segment of health.

"Most people who are interested in this area know us now, and we are in a lot of clinics around Australia," Cate continues. "I have to say, I find it quite amazing that The Art of Healing is often the only media attending these conferences, which while good for us, is disappointing for the industry."

Looking ahead, Cate says it is very encouraging to see so many more people thinking more carefully about what good health means to them, and how it can best be maintained. There are just so many good health options these days she says, and the ones they like to write about in The Art of Healing are the options that are least invasive, that can be easily incorporated into people's lifestyles, and that are not financially prohibitive.

The hardest thing, she says, is convincing people just how beneficial some of these things can be. "It really is about changing your mindset, something I have to work on all the time too. The thing is to just try some of these things. In my own life for example, and particularly as I age, I am continually astounded at how effective yoga and meditation are for good health. All you have to do is try to incorporate these things into your daily routine, and you will so totally reap the benefits. You really have absolutely nothing to lose ... plus there are no side effects."

We can confidently say that The Art of Healing has the highest readership of natural healthcare practitioners in Australia.



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