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Rewiring Pain
by Dr Lisa Chaffey
Rewiring Pain
Are you sick of being in chronic pain? Chronic pain can be hard to shift. But now, we have the tools to change how the brain processes pain. Based on
From Rock Bottom to Sober Forever
by Susan Laurie
From Rock Bottom to Sober Forever
Susan Laurie was a hopeless alcoholic. She had resigned herself to an early death as she simply could not stop drinking, despite multiple attempts at Alcoholics Anonymous,
by Christina Feldman and Willem Kuyken
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How does mindfulness promote psychological wellbeing? What are its core mechanisms? What value do contemplative practices add to
Eat Yourself Healthy
by Dr Megan Rossi
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Are you aware you should be taking care of your gut, but don't know where to start? Feel like you eat a balanced diet but constantly suffer from food comas
The Power of Suffering
by David Roland
The Power of Suffering is psychologist David Roland's personal investigation into the nature of human suffering. When our world is turned upside down, what does it do to us,
Kombucha, Kefir & Natural Sodas
by Nina Lausecker & Sebastian Landaeus
This simple and stunningly photographed book explains the basics of brewing your own kombucha, kefir, and natural soda
Your 40-Day Transformation
by Janella Purcell
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Are you confused by the vast amount of health information available? Do you want to know the truth about what's going into the food you're eating, how it's
Journey Through Your Chakras
by Dr Ravi Ratan and Dr Minoo Ratan
Journey Through the Chakras is a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of the chakra system from an age-old Indian spiritual,





We usually think of a country's wealth or capital in terms of its financial bottom line, it's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But New Zealand (NZ) has challenged the world to assess wealth in terms of a very different commodity, it's Gross National Wellbeing.


When Wastewater Gives Power To The People
Sustainable purification of wastewater by naturally occurring algae is an outstanding way for regional towns to reuse precious water and reduce a town's carbon footprint and power usage at the same time, says environmental health Professor Howard Fallowfield.


It's Time to Explain Country in Indigenous Terms
It's time to write about Indigenous Australian place relationships in a new way, in a language that speaks in Indigenous terms first, to convey a rich meaning of Country and best identify its deep ecological and social relevance to Aboriginal people.


How To Overcome Stress by Seeing Joy In Others
One evening when I walked into a classroom to teach my Science of Stress course, I found a newspaper waiting for me on the lectern. A student had brought in an article called "Stress: It's Contagious." The report claimed that stress is "as contagious as any airborne pathogen" and compared its toxicity to secondhand smoke. Kelly McGonigal elaborates.

When Problems Become Solutions
When we are faced with an illness, whether it is a mild one such as a common cold, stomach upset, headache; or a serious one like hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, arthritis, or even cancer; we obviously think we have a problem and we try our level best to understand why we fell sick. We go to the doctors, who examine, investigate and treat our disease (or problems). Some of our diseases get cured, while many don't. And while medical science divides the cause of diseases into congenital, genetic, familial, environmental, infective, degenerative or due cellular dysfunction from ageing or poor lifestyle, in the world of healing and metaphysics, diseases are classified in a very different manner. Dr P.V. Vaidyanathan explains.


Less Than 6 Weeks To Live
Sometimes we take our health and life for granted. We go through our days and nights existing, but not really honouring and experiencing each day. Then one day our whole life changes because we are diagnosed with cancer and suddenly we are faced with our own mortality. Life begins to mean more because just the word cancer elicits fear-fear of radiation, fear of chemotherapy, and ultimately the fear of our own death. The memories of people we know who have suffered through chemotherapy and radiation and died come into our minds. I don't want to die, you say with hope. It's not my time. Toni Saunders shares her story.

Natural Health


How To Talk To Your Functional Medicine Doctor About Your Labs
In functional medicine we know that health is a complex and dynamic force. Someone who appears to eat a junk diet may have glowing health because of the positive influences of a low stress lifestyle, a supportive social group, and lots of exercise. Someone else may eat like a health rock star, throwing back kombucha and kale salads on a daily basis, but may be withering from loneliness or the crushing stress that can trigger serious health issues. Even if we limit our focus to food alone, one person's health food may be inflammatory for another person-that kale you eat may give someone else digestive issues, and the dark chocolate your friend seems to enjoy without consequence may give you a migraine. This is why dieting dogma is antiquated and has no place. Dr Will Cole elaborates.


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Revolution
A series of discussion papers that came out of the Vital Directions initiative from the National Academy of Medicine headed by Victor Dzau and Mark McClellan states that massive reform in how we do healthcare is needed urgently. It acknowledges that you need to activate communities and empower people, and that most health care actually happens in the community-not in clinics and hospitals.

Natural Health: ENVIRONMENT

The Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems and Biodiversity

In June 2019, Blackmores Institute released their report: Sustainable Nutrition, which assessed climate change and its predicted impacts on human nutritional needs. This article is an extract from this report and focusses on how climate change might affect ecosystems and biodiversity; factors that will impact access to nutrients; and the impact of climate change on medical plants. It informs the need for the natural medicines industry to be vigilant with respect to ingredients that are used in products, and changes to the nutritional needs of people.

Factors That Will Impact Access To Nutrients
The extensive use of agrochemicals to control weeds and other pests also causes species loss. Many varieties of crops have been lost due to a focus on maximising productivity of select crops to the detriment of others.

The Impact Of Climate Change On Medicinal Plants

Preservation of medicinal herbs must be a priority given 80% of people in developing countries totally depend on traditional herbs as their primary form of healthcare.


Wellness: FASHION

Well Fashion
Wellness in fashion has provided the inspiration and framework for a new trend: how the market and mindset around fashion is moving from unhealthy to more well. Presenting at the annual Global Wellness Summit (GWS) 2019 held in Singapore, CEO of BudDhaGirl, Jessica Jesse, has provided the inspiration and framework for this new trend, suggesting that the 'well' fashion concept will be better for the planet, better for the people who make clothes, and better for the people who wear them. In this excerpt from the GWS 2019 Wellness Trends Report, Beth McGroarty describes what some of these new trends look like.

Wellness: TRAVEL

Wellness Travel
Katherine Droga is the founder of Australia's first Wellness Tourism Industry Summit which will be held in Noosa, northern Queensland on March 19-20, 2020. Katherine worked for Tourism Australia for 10+ years and is currently Chair of the Global Wellness Institute's (GWI) Wellness Tourism Initiative. She is Advisor to the Transformational Travel Council and is passionate about the transformational effect travel can have on people and the planet. In this Q&A we asked Katherine to describe wellness and transformation travel, and how it can benefit us as individuals.


Recipes from Community by Hetty McKinnon

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