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VOL 1 ISSUE 78, MAR/MAY 2022


Here’s a good one to ponder: is avoiding other people’s suffering good for our health? What about mindful breathing for pain control, and mushroom consumption to lower the risk of depression. You can find out about a self-administered cognition test which can predict early signs of dementia, how anxiety affects nutrient absorption, a common sleep disorder combo, and 5 types of rest that will revive your energy. These are are just some of the news and research articles we have published in our latest issue for MAR/MAY 2022 magazine so you can keep up with the latest and keep making changes to your life or for your clients. There is also some interesting data on the mental health of working Australians, and a revolutionary technology that has neutralized radiation at Chernobyl and can be used to treat other types of soil contamination. More on the importance of choosing organic food when you are eating your traditional mediterranean diet, and what our medical future might look like. We have some wonderful imagery from Michael Leunig’s latest book Get Well, from The Dying Alchemists by Nicholas Bennett, and from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charles Mackesy. Arts, Science, Wellness, that’s what you will find in our magazines. This latest issue is available from March through to end-May by subscription or newsagencies throughout Australia (or in digital format) for your reading pleasure.