Melrose Plant Source Glucosamine, 60 Caps

60 Caps
Melrose Glucosamine, 60 Caps

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Glucosamine is found in high concentrations in cartilage and other connective tissues. As we age, the body's production of glucosamine decreases causing joint cartilage to lose its water holding capacity. It is the loss of this cushioning effect due to the loss of glycosaminoglycans that results in pain and loss of range of motion. Osteoarthritis is characterised by the breakdown of cartilage. Supplementing the body's natural glucosamine production has been proven to repair and rebuild worn or damaged cartilage and reduce pain and return mobility.

Glucosamine produced by Melrose is plant-sourced and is a unique form of Glucosamine hydrochloride. Sourced from fermented corn it is 100% free from shellfish or animal ingredients. It is also free of Lactose, Dairy, Sugar, Salt, Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Artificial flavours, Colours or Preservatives.