Evolutionary Love Relationships

by Andrew Harvey & Chris Saade

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In this profoundly uplifting book, authors and sacred activists Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade call us to the next paradigm in human relations: love connections that are solidly grounded in individual authenticity, and passionately focused on service and solidarity. Rather than limiting their gaze to each other, partners are invited to take their focus outward, channelling their energies toward those causes that both unite them and transform the world we live in. With love as the fuel for inspired action, the relationship becomes a homage to sacred purpose, finding its deeper meaning in its efforts to positively influence the planet. There are many books that invite us to focus on love relationship - its perils and delights, its shadow and light - as the place where meaningful change happens, and there are others - that invite us to unite our individual spiritual paths (sacred purpose, callings, and the like) with benevolent action. But this is the first book that focuses on the next step: the bringing together of sacred activism and love relationship.