Fat Yoga

by Sarah Harry

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Scrolling through social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that yoga is purely the domain of teeny-tiny, thin, flexible girls, clad solely in the latest crop tops and shorts, sipping green juices and watching sunsets every day. But you don't need to fit this mould to embrace and enjoy yoga. The practice of yoga is over 4,000 years old and can (and should) be enjoyed by people of all sizes. Fat Yoga embraces the "yoga for all" ideology. All bodies, all ages, all abilities. This book is a step-by-step "how to" guide to yoga with variations to suit the less mobile or flexible. Its also jam-packed with helpful, practical advice, such as how to keep your boobs out of the way during practice. Covering the history and science behind yoga, postures for every situation and gratitude (including self-compassion, body image, to soothe and calm) as well as restorative yoga and chair yoga practice, Fat Yoga is the perfect book for yoga enthusiasts of every level and body type. Connect with your body and explore its physicality in a safe way emotionally, physically and spiritually, in the comfort of your own home.