Fierce Reinvention

by Rand Leeb-du Toit

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When we are young we dream impossible dreams, but as we get older these can be all but knocked out of us. First by societally induced constraints—perhaps our parents’ ambitions for us, our peer group’s limiting beliefs, our inherited dogma, or our upbringing. Second, perhaps, as we hit failures, feel outside our comfort zone and get older, we develop a series of self-limitations that hold us back from using our powers. We might believe we’ve missed the boat, that we’re not capable enough, or don’t have the right personality or social set to attain success. But we all are born with the powers we need to achieve our absolute potential. Fierce Reinvention is fuel for the soul, an audacious wake-up call and direction finder for reclaiming your innate powers. In this self-help book near death survivor and former venture capitalist Rand Leeb-du Toit shows you how to go beyond your limitations to live a bigger, more true life. Find techniques and methods for taking an active stance and dreaming again. Unlock the gateway mindset to achieving your infinite potential.