The Fall And Rise Of Women

by Winfried Sedhoff

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How women can change the world

Dr Winfried Sedhoff’sThe Fall and Rise of Womentells the story of women the world over, struggling to find fulfilling, balanced, and lastingly satisfying lives. Unrealistic expectations are thrust upon them to be mothers, workers, parents, and carers all at once. Being all things to all people has left many women battling to know who they are, and what it’s like to be their true selves. Beyond the family unit, communities fragment and fall apart; leading to wars, extremes of wealth and poverty, mass starvation, and destruction of the natural world on an unprecedented scale. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dr Sedhoff shows how as a woman you can enhance your tolerance, compassion, caring, and wisdom. You can master your pains and fears so future generations not only avoid unnecessary hardships, but become more authentic, and live more fulfilling lives, and ultimately transform the world.