Risking Our Kids


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A Life of Its Own Risking Our Kids is a 52 minute documentary that has two contents: one is a very articulate Professor Fiona Stanley who has been a lifelong advocate, for the well-being of children. The other subject matter is Australia's attitude to children. Fiona puts forward a powerful argument for the need to protect the future of our kids, a spark ignited when she was when as a young medical intern, she was unable to improve the health of a young Aboriginal boy because of the environment he lived in. His death set her on a blazing path to champion the lives of our nation’s children. She has dedicated her life to providing us with sophisticated scientific tools for change. Forty years later her news is not good however. Fiona, through meticulously collected research, predicts that the next generation will be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents because of the physical and social toxicity of their environment