(Effective 27/10 to 26/11)

Read on for the monthly outlook from full moon to full moon. The interpretation takes into account the actual full moon and the general astro vibes for the month.

October’s Full Moon in Taurus is the last supermoon for 2015. All up, there have been six supermoons this year – three at new moons and three at full moons. In fact, the last three full moons have been supermoons (30 Aug, 28 Sept & now 27 Oct) and intensity has increased. Emotions have been running hot, especially over small details.

This Full Moon enlarges details so greatly that at times you might feel you’ll overload if another small thing crops up. Jupiter, Venus and Mars are all conjunct in Virgo, the zodiac sign of details, increasing the potential for overwhelm. Yet Virgo is also the zodiac sign of coming into our centres, pausing, quietening and staying practical. In our centres we find focus and inspired solutions.

The earth-sign Taurus Full Moon makes a supportive alignment to this trio of power-packed planets in earth-sign Virgo and helps take some of the charge out of them. If you feel anxiety, panic, random flushes of anger etc suddenly rise, use the earth element to centre yourself so that clarity and discernment can emerge. The earth element is of course everything earthy.

A positive earth element detail could make all the difference and help expand the ‘now’ into a kind of slow motion; reactions can be calmed and emotive outbursts avoided. Jupiter, Venus, Mars together bring great opportunities for spontaneous, joyful conversations and play but if sensitivities flare, slowing down, even into silence, can save the day.

So at this Full Moon, take breaks often to stretch like a cat, yawn like a dog, lean against a tree, smell something fragrant, grab powernaps, massage your feet, indulge in nurturing snacks and all round nourish your body. A five minute cup of tea at the right moment could increase your resilience for hours to come.

For many, productivity is at its peak and huge progress can be made. The beautiful exact Venus-Mars conjunction happens on 3 November and completes a dance that these two have been making throughout the year. This brings the culmination of goals – breakthroughs in projects, a creative portfolio coming together, a business enterprise taking off.

This Venus-Mars conjunction could bring a happy celebration within relationships, partnerships and work situations, or it could see people shake hands and part ways after reaching a final understanding. Some understandings are foundations to the next level; others are an acceptance that it’s time to say goodbye or to adjust the regularity of a connection.

The Taurus Full Moon helps us stand for what we are worth, including financially, and the trio of planets in Virgo helps us discern what is personally valuable from what is not so that we can put our energies into fruitful endeavours. The month ahead brings great momentum for a declutter and prune; as well as streamlining routines, planning ahead and making the most of every minute.


Contributed by: Michelle Proctor





































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